Product Info

Pup Corn Cheese Flavor Dog Treats

Manufacturer: Sunshine Mills

Giving your dog Pup Corn Cheese Flavor Dog Treats is sure to make your pet love you endlessly! Pup corn Cheese Flavor Dog Treats are low calorie, low fat, and low sodium. This treat is a light, in between meal snack that isn’t too heavy on your dog’s stomach! With a delicious, cheesy taste that your dog will find irresistible, these crispy, light treats will satisfy your dog’s cravings so that your best friend is content until the next meal to come! Moreover, this tasty formulation contains chicken as a wholesome ingredient, which contributes to the savory goodness hidden within this treat. By choosing to treat your dog with Pup Corn Cheese Flavor Dog Treats, you are choosing a happy, healthy future for your pet!