• Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue

    Manufacturer: Jonathan Green Lawn and Garden Model: 11125

    Germinates in 14 to 21 days - under normal planting conditions. Thrives in sun and moderate shade. Excellent for area of hard use. Grows well with little care.

  • DeltaAg® CropKarb™

    CropKarb™ is a formulation of nutrients and DeltAg® proprietary chemistry. It is designed to improve bloom retention, fruit and seed sizing and bulking. CropKarb™ may be applied on all field, row, vegetable, fruit, tree, vine,
    ornamental, turf, hay and pasture crops.

  • DeltaAg® Soil Solution™

    DeltaAg® Soil Solution™ is a formulation of nutrients and DeltAg® proprietary chemistry. It is specifically designed to stimulate growth and activity of the beneficial soil micro-organisms that break down post harvest residue of crops such as legumes, small grains, vegetables, fiber crops, etc. Also effective onthatch digestion in turf.

  • KnockOut Ant, Flea & Tick Killer II Granules

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Kills insects in lawns & landscapes. Kills surface & sub-surface insects. Kills grubs and mole crickets. Vegetable garden insect control. Treats up to 8,300 square feet.

  • Dow AgroSciences GrazonNext® HL Herbicide

    Manufacturer: Dow Building Products

    A next-generation herbicide that provides better efficacy on most broadleaf weed species and an outstanding environmental profile, thanks to advanced weed control technology. Especially tough on hard-to-kill perennials, including nightshades, horsenettle and Texas bull nettle.

  • Agri Star Herbicides Gly Star Plus

    This is a postemergent systemic herbicide with no soil residual activity. Gly Star Plus® is non-selective and gives broad-spectrum control of annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees. This product is labeled for over-the-top of Roundup Ready® Crops. Gly Star Plus® contains surfactant.

  • Bonide® Annual Grub Beater

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 603D

    One annual application is all it takes to control grubs all season long.....”It’s that simple”! Also kills European Crane Fly larvae, mole crickets and other turf destroying insects. Apply any time, spring through summer. Contains 0.5% Imidacloprid. Compare & Save! 6 lbs.

  • Bonide® Mosquito Beater Natural RTS

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 564D

    All natural, residual formula repels mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other nuisance insects for up to 2 weeks. Great for lawns, patios, gardens, barns....Any outdoor area. Pleasantly scented. 1 quart treats 5000 sq. ft. Contains Cedar Oil, Citronella, Geranium Oil and Lemongrass Oil and Sodium Laryl Sulfate. Convenient, no-mix ready-to-spray applicator.

  • Bonide® Captan Jack's™ Dead Bug Brew® Concentrate

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 4471

    Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew® contains Spinosad (spin-OH-sid), a product first isolated from a naturally occurring soil dwelling bacterium that was collected on a Caribbean island from an abandoned rum distillery.

  • DeltaAg Plant Power Plant Booster

    DeltAg Plant Power is designed to be sprayed on the leaves of growing plant to aid rood development, crop vigor, growth and development. Plant Power provides the growing plant with much needed vitamins and enzymes to enhance development. It Works on ANY Plant!

  • Persist™ Orchardgrass Seed

    Persist orchardgrass is one of the most exciting forage grasses of our time. It has unmatched persistance, very high yields and a very special history. Persist is easily established and has excellent seedling vigor.  Use of white clover or other legumes can also increase persistence and yield.

  • Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Seed

    Model: 02132070

    elected for its improved traits and ease of establishment in lawns, Fescue Kentucky 31 is guaranteed to produce a fresh, light green color. Ideal for the average lawn use, Fescue KY is coarse in texture. Comes in a convenient 50lb bag and is easy to spread.

  • GardenTech Sevin Liquid

    Manufacturer: GardenTech

    Turn your garden into a plants-only party with Sevin® Ready-To-Use Bug Killer. Ideal for smaller areas, hanging plants, outdoor plants, or container gardening. Spray thoroughly on all surfaces of plants, including vegetables, fruits, ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers. Keep away from pets and people until the spray has dried, and don’t use on lawns. Wasn’t that easy?This product kills more than 100 garden pests. Available in 32 oz. RTU, 32 oz. RTS, & 16 & 32 oz. Concentrate.