• HealthyCoat® Equine Food Supplement

    All natural HealthyCoat® is the total supplemental nutrition package for your horses' optimum health and top performance. HealthyCoat® is a highly digestible source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and Lecithin - fortified with Niacin, Biotin and vitamin B12.

  • Royal Kerckhaert American SX 7 Horseshoes

    It is the simple features of the shoes, which make them the favourite of the horseshoes in America. This shoe, which is a great shape, fits with the minimum amount of adjustment. They are always level, straight from the box, every shoe being the same as the last - Kerckhaert means consistency. They have clean, open nail holes, where the nail fits perfectly, reducing the chance of lose shoes. When you select either a SX7 or Standard shoe, it is made for America by The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.

  • Royal Kerckhaert Steel Triumph Lite Horse Shoes

    The Triumph program in steel is so good to work and shape that they are a pleasure to fit, and the improved pitch makes them a dream to nail on. The aluminium Triumph allows the modern sport horse to perform at its maximum, while maintaining the hoof in perfect health.

  • Heeled & Toe Horseshoe

    Manufacturer: St Croix Forge

    Our heeled shoes off a clean angled heel calk to help horses maintain their control and steady traction on rough ground. If you are headed to the high country trails, check out these special shoes. Punched for CH5 nails.

  • Eventer Steel Horseshoe

    Manufacturer: St Croix Forge

    Eventer Steel grips, weight, high-performance -  St. Croix steel horseshoes are drop-forged from premium steel which has the required properties expected in top-quality horseshoes and this will be evident to the farrier during fitting. Resistant to wear, a good fit and reliable holes are expected features of St. Croix steel horseshoes.

  • Concorde Aluminum Racing Plate

    Manufacturer: St Croix Forge

    As strong as steel - the Concorde model in aluminum has the same features as the regular Concorde horseshoe but at a much lower weight. The Concorde aluminum horseshoe is the perfect choice where weight must be reduced to a minimum - for example in flat racing.

  • Edgewater Mid - 12" Cold Conditions Work Boot

    Manufacturer: Muck Boot Company

    For the outdoor lovers, the Edgewater® is for you. The reinforced protective shell and the all-terrain outsole makes this boot perfect for camping, hunting, fishing and off road activities. The self-cleaning outsole wraps the entire perimeter.

    The Edgewater® is completely 100% waterproof and insulated to sub-freezing temperatures. Durable natural rubber overlays protect the foot and will not cold-crack in extreme conditions.

    5mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon, lightweight and flexible

    Comfort range 85F to sub-freezing.

    Available in Moss.

    Available in men's 4-13 and women's 5-13.


    Manufacturer: Red Wing Boots Model: 1170

    Full grain waterproof leather
    Full grain, waterproof leather
    Removable ComfortForce® footbed
    Red Wing Dry waterproof membrane
    RW waterproof system
    Abrasion resistant SuperSole®

  • Uncle Jimmy's® Big Licky

    Manufacturer: Uncle Jimmy's

    A hanging boredom buster from our popular line of products. The Big Licky was created to reduce mess and stickiness. Packed with all the same nutritional value and flavor (including Sugar Free) as our popular Hangin’ Ball, you get more with every Big Licky with a half of a pound more of Uncle Jimmy’s formula!

  • Accuration® Block Cattle Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Formerly called Sup-R-Block, Accuration® Block is the original weatherproof supplement block for cows. The nutrient balance in Accuration® Block enhances forage digestion, allowing your cattle to receive more of their nutritional needs from your homegrown forage sources, thus reducing your overall cost of production. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Cactus HOOey Rope

    Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

    The HOOey by Cactus Ropes is the first of its kind; tie-down ropers can now experience the feel of a grass rope in a straight poly.  The HOOey is designed to have the least stretch and optimal body of any four-strand rope, and it perfect for tie-down and breakaway ropers of all levels.

  • Tarter Arena Worker

    Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

    Used to groom arenas to reduce injuries and boost performance. A must have for any arena whether for competition or personal use. Adjustable S-tines rip tough soil leaving a smooth uniform look. Breaks down hard dirt clumps with ease and the floating drag blade leaves a smooth uniform finish.

  • Tarter Equine Hay Basket

    Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

    Perfect for feeding small square bales to horses in their natural feeding position. Keeps the hay dry and off the ground. Features a smooth-sided poly basket for horse safety.

  • Pfizer® Quest® Plus Gel 11.6 g

    Manufacturer: Zoetis Animal Health

    Quest® Plus Gel  is an oral gel can be used on all horses except foals under 6 months of age. It's a dewormer and Boticide that protects against reinfestation for 84 days -- the longest DOA of any equine dewormer.

  • Suncoast® Mini Flakes Pine Shavings

    Manufacturer: Suncoast Pine Shavings

    Pine shavings for bedding horses and other animals. IMPROVED MINI FLAKE SIZE- EASIER TO SIFT & PICK - reducing stall maintenance time and waste. ULTRA compressed bale expands to 8 Cubic Feet!

  • Suncoast® Large Flakes Pine Shavings

    Manufacturer: Suncoast Pine Shavings Model: 90650

    Great Fluffy Bedding for Horses and other animals! Premium Quality Pure Pine LARGE size flakes for maximum cushioning and great absorbency. Fresh natural pine scent. ULTRA compressed bale Expands to a full 10 Cubic Feet!

  • Crystal Lyx® StableLyx® Horse Supplement Tub

    Manufacturer: Crystalyx

    Crystal Lyx® StableLyx® is a unique, palatable, high energy supplement designed for consistent free-choice consumption by all classes of equine.  Stable-lyx® ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance. Crystal Lyx® StableLyx® supplement is designed for self-feeding to all classes of equines.

  • Cactus Hypnotic Rope

    Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

    Cactus Ropes Hypnotic has the honor of being the first four-strand rope made at Cactus Ropes. This heavy-bodied, durable rope provides great performance in all conditions, but its 100% nylon composition means fantastic results in hot weather. The Hypnotic heel rope is smooth and balanced.

  • Cactus Nitro Cactus Rope

    Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

    The Nitro is the newest rope from Cactus Ropes, designed in conjunction with Cesar de la Cruz. The Nitro offers heavy-bodied performance in a small, fast package. This four-strand, nylon poly blend rope offers increased tip weight for swing and timing, as well as maximum body for accuracy.

  • Cactus Xplosion Rope

    Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

    The increased amount of poly adds weight and body to the center of Cactus Ropes Xplosion. This blend places the emphasis of your swing on the tip and adds durability to the rope. The Xplosion  is part of Trevor Brazile’s Relentless™ line.

  •  Irish Setter Men's Soft Paw WP Chukka Casual Shoe

    Manufacturer: Red Wing Shoes Model: 3875

    At first glance all you see is style, but one step in this Soft Paw Chukka boot from Irish Setter, you'll realize it's full of so much more. It has a waterproof leather upper with moisture-wicking airmesh linings, a memory foam insole with a Scentban odor inhibitor, and a lightweight, yet durable rubber outsole.

  • Red Wing® 8'' Work Boot

    Manufacturer: Red Wing Boots Model: 953

    Classic work boots in full grain, brown boomer leather. Shock-absorbing Poron® 4000 cushion insole. Abrasion-resistant, comfortable SuperSole®. Red Wings exclusive welt construction.

  • Muck® Hi Chore Boot

    Manufacturer: Muck Boot Company

    Stretch-fit top line binding snugs calf to keep warmth in. 5mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon. 100% waterproof, lightweight and flexible. Additional Achilles reinforcement for added protection. Durable, lightweight rubber outsole. Diamond-textured toe and heel reinforcement. Triple reinforced toe, quadruple reinforced heel. Steel shank for additional arch support. Comfort range of sub-freezing conditions to 85°.

  • Heated Poultry Fountain

    Manufacturer: Allied Precision Model: 33

    Does not overheat the water. Energy efficient dual heating element.Thermostatically controlled. Keeps drinking water ice free.

  • Red Cedar Shavings

    Manufacturer: Bear Mountain Forest Products

    Good bedding creates a layer of insulation between the horse and a cold floor, pads the hard surface, prevents bruised knees, elbows, hocks, and hips, and keeps the horse cleaner. Cedar shavings are soft, fluffy and makes a good bedding. They absorb moisture & the aroma is a good insect deterrent.