• Lexol Leather Conditioner

    Manufacturer: Summit Industries

    Lexol® Leather Conditioner helps to soften and renew leather. It conditions the leather, helping to protect it from cracking and premature aging, by using the finest oils to keep it strong and supple. The oils bond to the fibers in the leather and won't seep on to non-leather surfaces or your clothing.

  • Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo

    Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo with Silk Conditioners is easy to use and is formulated to gently dissolve dirt and clean hair. Conditions the hair and skin. It is easy to rinse. Use full strength or diluted up to 20 to 1.

  • Purina SuperSport™ Amino Acid Equine Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Vitamin & mineral fortification makes nutritionally balanced formula to complement the horse’s total ration. Grain free formula is suitable for horses requiring a soluble carbohydrate restricted diet. Palatable pelleted form helps encourage consistent intake. Recommended for top equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines.

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  • Crystal Blue® Crystal Plex Algae Control

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Crystal Plex is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae and some aquatic plants including Hydrilla. 1 gallon size.

  • Crystal Blue® Natural Pond Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Pond muck, water oss and pond scum removal. Our Natural Pond Cleaner consists of safe and natural bacteria that get rid of pond muck, dead leaves, odors and other organic material that can hurt the healthy balance of your pond or lake. 1 gallon size.

  • Crystal Blue® Black Out Pond Dye & Colorant

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Pond dye and colorant for a clear, reflective pond surface. Black Out uses our proprietary formula to give your pond or lake a beautiful mirrored effect all year long. 1 gallon size.

  • Tarter Powder Coated Dog Welded Wire Kennel 10x10x6

    Manufacturer: Tarter Gate

    Unit is designed for rugged outdoor use in difficult environments. Panels are constructed of 1-3/4″ galvanized tubing and filled with sturdy 8-gauge 2″ x 4″ wire. Front panel features a door that creates a 2-1/2′ x 5′ 8″ opening, complete with slam latch.  Ideal for hunting dogs or as a secure outdoor getaway for household pets. Complete kennel measures 6′ tall x 10′ wide x 10′ long. Weighs 273 lbs. A dual approach to aesthetics and long corrosion-free life.

  • Crystal Blue Stock Plex Stock Tank Algae Control

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Stock Plex is designed to keep your livestock watering tanks free of algae and weeds.  Stock Plex can be used to prevent algae or to clean existing algae.  Stock Plex is a copper sulfate based blend safe for many animals like cattle, horses, and dogs.   

  • Crystal Blue® Blue Lake and Pond Colorant

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Crystal Blue® uses a proprietary formula to enhance your pond or lake with a beautiful royal blue color all year long. Clears up muddy ponds.100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, potable water and irrigation. Maintains color and clarity all year long. Helps settle out dissolved solids. 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4 - 6 feet deep.

  • Crystal Blue Crystal Plex Algae Control

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Crystal Plex is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae and some aquatic plants including Hydrilla. Controls many types of algae like filamentous, chara, and planktonic for a beautiful and safe pond all year long.

  • Weaver® Original Nylon Halter

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: 705

    This is the same quality-made, original Weaver halter you've come to know and love! With top quality 1" nylon construction, heat-sealed oblong buckle holes, box-stitching at stress points and true-to-fit-sizing, this will be your go-to halter. This simple, non-adjustable design features a comfortable rolled throat and brass plated hardware.

  • Untamed Zebra Halter

    Manufacturer: Weaver Leather Model: AVG 35-6855

    Zebra print overlays evoke the call of the wild in these fashion forward halters. In a popular adjustable chin and throat snap style, these 1" nylon halters feature oblong buckle holes, box-stitching at stress points and true-to fit sizing. Rolled throat design for comfort. Brass plated hardware (except looped-on throat snap is solid brass). Average horse or yearling draft size. Available in Diva Pink, Lime Zest, Hurricane Blue & Black.

  • Rubbermaid Stock Tank Float Valve

    Manufacturer: Rubbermaid

    Built tough for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all kinds of weather extremes.

  • Lucerne Farms Koop Clean

    Manufacturer: Lucerne Farms

    Koop Clean is an all natural, quality chicken bedding consisting of a chopped blend of hay & straw, combined with the unique odor neutralizing ingredient, ‘Sweet PDZ’. This special blend will have the hen house talking. Specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, our chicken bedding will make your flock happy, while keeping your coop fresh, dry and insulated. Your flocks special “touch” combined with the nutrient rich ingredients makes your waste a great addition to you garden.

  • Suncoast® Pine Shaving/Bedding Bale

    Manufacturer: Suncoast Pine Shavings Model: 90550

    Pine shavings for bedding horses and other animals. Improved mini flake size is easier to sift and pick - reducing stall maintenance time and waste. Ultra compressed bale expands to 8 cubic feet!

  • Nebo O2 Beam Flashlight

    Model: 6000

    Simply put, the O2 Beam™ under-promises and over-delivers. The O2 Beam™ features a high-power LED that produces 420 lumens of bright white light. However, our patented O2 Technology™ intensifies the light beam to produce results beyond the capabilities of a standard 400-lumen light allowing this flashlight to perform on the level of an 800-lumen flashlight. Your typical 400-lumen light will give you roughly 250 yards of illuminated viewing distance.

  • Nebo Redline® Tactical Flashlight

    Model: 5557

    The ability to bring high-end technology to a compact, fully-redesigned, extremely powerful light source is finally here. The REDLINE® is our brightest flashlight to date, 220 lumens of pure white light to be exact. In automobiles, redlining is reaching the peak of its performance; whereas we, with NEBO REDLINE®  are harnessing the maximum power of this flashlight with 220 lumens of blinding bright light.

  • Nebo Redline® Select Flashlight

    Model: 5620

    Our newest addition to the Redline® series, the Redline® Select combines maximum performance with extreme convenience. Our brightest flashlight to date, the Select features 310 lumens of intense white light which can be seen over 200 yards away (in spot light mode.)

  • DeltaAg Plant Power Plant Booster

    DeltAg Plant Power is designed to be sprayed on the leaves of growing plant to aid rood development, crop vigor, growth and development. Plant Power provides the growing plant with much needed vitamins and enzymes to enhance development. It Works on ANY Plant!

  • Red Cell® Equine Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Your horse can have the same multivitamin and mineral supplement given to champion horses. Iron-rich Red Cell is a palatable yucca-flavored multivitamin/iron/mineral feed supplement formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals that may be lacking or are insufficient quantities in your horse's regular feed.

  • Purina® Impact® Race Track Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 14

    It takes focus and dedication to prepare for race day. Provide your athletes with the premium nutrition in Impact® Race Track, backed by science that has supported horses from regional racetracks to the industry’s elite events. High quality protein with desirable amino acid profiles to support muscle performance. Provides multiple energy sources to fuel hard-working race horses.

  • Purina® Impact® GMX Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: GMX

    A dry grain mix for performance and breeding horses, as well as growing horses; to be fed with medium to high quality hay or pasture. The 6% fat adds energy, supports healthy hair coat and performance. For more information on this and other Impact® products click here.

  • Purina® Impact® Mature Active 10% Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Support your horse’s active lifestyle with  Impact® 10% Mature Active Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition which provides the necessary calories and nutrients for mature horses at maintenance through moderate activity. 10% Protein for active horses on high quality forage. Added Beet Pulp provides high quality digestible fiber. Added Fat from vegetable oils for sustainable energy and a shiny hair coat. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification supports bone strength and immune function.

  • Purina® Impact® All Stages 12% Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with Impact® All Stages horse feed. Formulated with premium nutrition and a versatile formula that performs for horses of all ages and activity levels. Versatile formula that provides premium nutrition for all life stages. High quality protein and added amino acids support growth and performance. Added fat from vegetable oils for sustainable energy and a shiny hair coat. Vitamin & mineral fortification supports bone strength and immune and reproductive function.

  • Purina® Impact® 12% Race Track Sweet/Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 12:8

    12:8 A sweet grain mix for race horses with 12% protein, added lysine and beet pulp as a highly palatable, digestible fiber source. To be fed with medium to high quality hay or pasture. The 8% fat adds energy and supports high performance.