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Messina Wildlife PlotSaver®

Manufacturer: Messina Wildlife

Messina Wildlife’s PlotSaver system is the only proven effective perimeter repellent system. Instead of broadcast spraying large blocks of land and a premium, farmers, hunters and homeowners can now get broadcast protection at a fraction of the cost. Messina Wildlife’s PlotSaver features a reusable PlotSaver barrier ribbon hung 30" high that is treated with PlotSaver deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory perimeter barrier that axis, elks, moose, blacktail, mule, whitetail and other deer will not cross.

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The system works by smell and sight and will not be rendered ineffective after a heavy rain. Messina Wildlife’s PlotSaver is endorsed by the North American Hunt Club and the Quality Deer Management Association. Available in pre-packed starter kits or as customized components, each starter kit comes with 840' of ribbon and one (1) pint of PlotSaver deer repellent concentrate, and it will protect and acre for approximately 100 days. Ribbon color does not effect results.